★★★★★ | 3/3/2017

Absolutely great people who care about their work. They really know their stuff too. I'm a guy that's really hard to fit for most clothing. Because of this I do need to get tailoring work done on occasion and it's nice to know there are people out there who still excel at this craft. 5 stars.

James B.

New York, NY

★★★★★ | 5/27/2015

I highly recommend Gregory's Fine Tailoring. I had a suit that was mail ordered and the fit was all wrong. My time frame was tight and Gregory was up to the task. He finished the suit early with exceptional work. He is a sartorial craftsman and a true professional. I would send anyone looking for a tailor to see Gregory.

Patrick B.

Charlestown, MA

★★★★★ | 1/1/2015

When you find someone like Greg who you can trust, you never want to go to anyone else. Greg specializes in custom fittings, alterations and tailoring. His services are always done on time and are well priced. It doesn't matter how high or low end your clothing is if everything fits like a dream. The secret behind the best dressed people isn't designer labels, it's a good tailor and Greg is always willing to go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.

Raquel M.

Staten Island, NY

★★★★★ | 7/8/2014

Consistently does great work. Is quick to fix in an emergency- always comes out great. I have had bridesmaid dresses, floor length gowns, suiting and cocktail dresses hemmed and tailored by Gregory.

It feels a bit disorganized when you walk in because you do not always walk out with paperwork, but he manages to get everything done and everything done well. He was recommended to me by a colleague and now the whole office is going to him. His enthusiasm for his job shows and he is great at what he does.

Kate S.

Charlestown, Boston, MA

★★★★★ | 4/10/2014

I called Gregory at 730am to do an emergency alteration to my bridesmaid dress. I needed it by the end of the day and he saved the wedding!!!!! Oh I wouldn't uh been able to breathe. Or eat! But now I can. Thanks Greg.

Natasha G.

Boston, MA

★★★★★ | 1/24/2013

Gregory saved the day for me! I had a bridesmaid dress crisis the night before the rehearsal dinner. The zipper on my dress had split into two different directions and i could not fix it myself without ripping the dress. I had originally gone to Tony the Tailor to do my alterations (do not go to him he is way overpriced). I had called Tony to ask him for help and he tried charing me $60 bucks just to fix a zipper. I got in an arguement with him and left in a panic. Luckily Gregory helped me out very last minute and was able to fix the zipper on my dress without replacing it! He had it ready for me to pick up before the rehearsal dinner and charged me $25. That's more than half of what Tony tried charging me when I had already paid the man $200 bucks to cut off an inch on the bottom of the dress and to take the bust in a little. I will always bring my alterations to Gregory from now on. He is a extremely helpful, polite and fair in prices. 5 stars for Gregory!

Ashley T.

Boston, MA

★★★★★ | 7/12/2012

Gregory is AMAZING!

I flew in from across the country and needed my bridesmaids dress hemmed within a few days. My friend recommended Gregory and took me to see him. I told him my situation and he said he could have it for me by the end of the day!

I put the dress on and had him pin it to the perfect length. I also needed it taken in significantly up top, but was planning on getting a big bra to fix the problem based on my time constraint. Gregory offered to take it in up top too, which definitely wasn't an easy fix with the built in boning!

I returned at the end of the day to pick up my dress and it fit PERFECTLY! AND it was super affordable.

I would highly recommend Gregory for ANY of your tailoring needs/custom made clothing. Great work, great timing, and great prices. He is a lifesaver!

C N.

San Francisco, CA

★★★★★ | 6/7/2011

Totally happy with the tailoring! I looked way skinnier than I really am.

My breasts could have looked better, but Gregory's a fantastic tailor, not a plastic surgeon.

He gave me loads of attention and made time for me whenever I called, apparently it was cheaper than the other bridesmaid's dresses so I was a happy camper =)

Steph D.

Boston, MA

★★★★★ | 6/2/2011

I recently had a few pairs of pants that need to be repaired and re hemmed. I was also in the market for a suit. I found Greg in downtown crossing, this was good as i live and work in the area.

I was immediately greeted by Greg, and was impressed by his knowledge and his desire to make sure i was getting what i needed from him... I felt so comfortable with him that i asked him to show me some silk fabric as I was looking for something special for my daughters upcoming wedding. Greg measured me...(it was done with precision)

we settled on the fabric, the price ( very competitive, especially for a custom made suit)

we agreed on a delivery date and fitting date. 2 weeks later i returned, Greg was ready with my suit and surprised me with a beautiful dress shirt that he threw in. The suit was killer, the fit was awesome, and I was happy. i came back for my suit 3 days later and I was even happier.

I have read other reviews about Greg not being there or not having items done on time.. I simply just called in advance \made sure he was available and never had a problem... this guy is very talented..i do not understand why he gets a bad rap... people should try to communicate with each other. this guy is good

Michael B.

Boston, MA

★★★★★ | 2/24/2011

They do real quality work. I don't think I could pull off one of my newly fastened pea coat buttons if I tried! Great service, too.

Richard M.

Fountain Valley, CA

★★★★★ | 10/27/2010

I searched for a tailor to take on a complex tailoring project on expensive clothing. I came across Gregory's Fine Tailoring after reading some reviews on Yelp and other review sites. I visited Greg's shop near Downtown Crossing and was impressed with the amount of time that Greg spent with me talking through options for accomplishing this complex effort. After we agreed upon an approach, Greg assured me that the quality of the workmanship would be high. Upon retrieving my clothing, I tried them on in Greg's shop. They fit perfectly. Further inspection of the workmanship reveals that the stitching is as good, or better than when I purchased the clothes new in the store. I'd also add that it took more effort to complete the project than initially thought, however, Greg kept his promise to perform the work for the original quoted price.

I was very pleased with the honesty, integrity and workmanship from Gregory's Fine Tailoring.

Tim L.

Charlestown, MA

★★★★★ | 2/18/2010

This started out as a convenient place to get my tailoring done, since I used to work in a building located across the street. Now that I work elsewhere, I still bring all of my alterations to Gregory. Like many people, clothes don't usually fit me perfectly right off the rack. My jeans, shirts, dress pants, and winter jackets look much better after Gregory tailors them for a perfect fit. I've had some pretty extensive modifications done to some of my shirts and jackets, and they all look flawless when he is done with them. You would never know that a tailor had taken his scissors to my clothes, as Gregory is careful to retain the original details on each garment. He doesn't take any shortcuts (like many fast-turnaround tailors). He really takes the time to reconstruct your clothes so that they look like they were designed for you. Gregory also makes custom shirts and suits, although I have never tried this service I'm sure it's great considering his eye for detail and symmetry.

Seth G.

Los Angeles, CA

★★★★★ | 10/9/2009

Gregory is very attentive and takes immense pride in his work. I had a couple pair of dress trousers hemmed to perfection, and then had more challenging request to shorten some jeans but wanted to retain the original fnished bottom of the jean, and Gregory did a fantastic job - they look like they were never altered!

I would have no reservations bringing my most expensive garments to him for tailoring - and plan to do so in the future.

Stephen R.

East Boston, MA

★★★★★ | 12/16/2013

incredible service here. He fixes my work clothes all the time when I need it. Go to him.

Katie J.

★★★★★ | 10/08/2013

I brought in A suite jacket was tight and He adjusted and fit perfectly and he hemmed the pants............ALL for a reasonable price and a quick turn around...........

GREG IS THE BEST...................

Francis B.

★★★★★ | 10/05/2012

The service I get here is abso...
The service I get here is absolutely amazing. Gregory is really nice and really great he knows exactly what he is doing!


★★★★★ | 09/21/2012

I come here all the time to ge...
I come here all the time to get my clothes fixed and it is amazing! how fast he gets it done!


★★★★★ | 09/10/2012

I came here and it was amazing...
I came here and it was amazing they did a great job on my daughters pants they fit her perfect!


★★★★★ | 09/06/2012

I am a regular client here bec...
I am a regular client here because Gregory is the best Tailor in town I wouldn't go anywhere else.


★★★★★ | 03/19/2012

Awesome Place for a Quick FIX!
brought in a ripped pair of jean on knee level....Kind of L shaped ripped.........Greg saved it by doing a invisible stich and saved my jeans

did a great job


★★★★★ | 02/23/2012

I brought a pair of pants in to be hemmed and he was able to hem the pants while I waited. Jos A Bank was told me the same service would take at least two weeks. I was really impressed with the quality and timeliness.


★★★★★ | 03/17/2011

Gregory's Tailoring in Boston
Gregory is a unique tailor and a gift to the Boston community. I have not been able to get business shirts to fit comfortably because of my 19.5 inch neck and average build. Even 2 previous custom shirt makers could not get it right. The third time is a charm. Gregory loves his trade and it shows as he met the challenge and i am comfortable wearing a tie for the first time.

Bob M Westwood

★★★★★ | 12/10/2009

Excellent Custom Work
I recently bought a suit at Gregory's and all of the tailoring was done at the store. It was very impressive considering the work that needed to get done - sleeves needed to be lengthened with fabric from the pants, jacket taken in because of broad shoulders requiring larger jacket, and waist and rear taken in to fit athletic build legs. It was all done on a suit with a pattern, and the seams were stitched such that the pattern was flawlessly kept intact. Gregory also was very helpful in explaining the process of all of the alterations that needed to be done, keeping me in the loop. I will take any and all future tailoring work here!


★★★★★ | 03/25/2009

High Quality, Detailed Work
Excellent work, extremely fine and strong, I recommend Gregory's to anyone looking for custom tailoring and alterations.


★★★★★ | 02/17/2009

Good service, all over!
Great service! I heard about Gregory from a friend. This guy takes his job very seriously. He kept a great deal of focus to the details I mentioned as well as to some not so good experiences I had before. He gave his input in a very pleasant way and the results were good. In all, I got friendly and serious service at a reasonable price for the area. My new tailor.


★★★★★ | 01/16/2009

Great Tailor
If you need tailor and live or work in downtown crossing, you should definitely try Gregory's. I have used him multiple time since he opened last summer 2008 and have no complaints, only praise. I get my jeans and suits done there and he is very prompt and does a fantastic job regardless of what you give him. When I've been in a pinch and needed something done quick he has never said no. Very reasonable pricing - I've been to alot of other tailors over the years and for the quality of work he does and quick turnaround time, he can't be beat!


★★★★★ | 12/31/2008

Best Tailor in Boston!!
Hands down Gregory's is the best Tailor in Boston. I went in there recently with some shirts that did not fit me perfectly. The alterations that Greg did to my shirts made it look like he had custom made them for me. He did this within days for me. I have been to many tailors in my time, and can honestly say I have not met one with Greg's passion for the craft and attention to detail.

The shirts and suits that Greg does custom make, are well worth the money. You will look like a million dollars without spending a million dollars. For a true custom shirt or suit, Greg is the only choice in Boston. I would recommend him to anybody. On top of this Greg really gives terrific service.


★★★★★ | 11/21/2008

Best Service in Boston
I recently moved here from out of town and have been looking for a quality tailor in the financial district and this is the place. I had a funeral and wake to attend and Gregory had me ready to go in less than 1 day. He hemmed my pants and removed additional cloth to provide best possible fit. The suit looked great and I won't go anywhere else. I highly recommend him for any tailor or custom clothing needs.